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DDR Protection Benefits

Never Worry About Shopping Carts Or Car Doors Again

Our Certified PDR technician offers a lifetime guarantee with every repair. So you can relax knowing any and all repairs will last.

Damage Covered

The DDR Protection Plan covers dings and dents to the vehicle's exterior metal panels.

Repairs are made on dings and dents that are less than 3" diameter so long as the paint has no surface damage and the PDR process can completely repair the ding or dent.

Damage to be repaired is subject to evaluation by DDR field technician.

Protection plan includes Hail Damage coverage.
*Ask consultant for details.

Damage Not Covered

DDR Protection does not cover large dents, stretched or sharply creased dents, collision damage, dings or dents on non-accessible panels, rust or corrosion, or environmental damage where the painted surface is damaged.

Roof damage is not covered on vehicle's with sunroof or moon roof.

All non-covered items are specifically listed in your contract.

Dents not covered by DDR Protection may be repairable. As a client of DDR Protection you will receive a discounted rate for any non-covered repairs.

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Ding and dent repair protection plan. Dings and dents will happen.  Protect your vehicle.

DDR Protection Plan

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